Saturday, August 20, 2011

Teak Refinishing Los Angeles

Teak refinishing in Los Angeles is exactly what Teak Master Inc. specializes in.  If your teak furniture has weathered or has never been finished.  It can certainly be refinished back to showroom condition.  We begin our process by cleaning the wood to remove dirt and mold.  The remaining oxidation will be sanded off once the wood is dry.  Multiple levels of sanding will be performed to restore a smooth texture back to the wood.  The wood will then be sealed with a marine grade coating to protect the teak wood from premature graying and help with food and water stains.

Teak refinishing in Los Angeles can be a bit tricky.  There are many areas that have different climates.  The coastal cities of Malibu and Manhattan Beach have constant moisture in the morning mixed with salt air.  There is also Pasadena and Calabasas that have extreme amounts of hot sun.  Teak Master has serviced these areas in Los angeles for over 12 years and are skilled in addressing the different climates in each.  Give Teak Master a call to get your teak refinishing in Los Angeles performed.


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  4. Where do you find your old teak furniture? I really love your blog and all the things which you post, i would like to do some restoration of my own!

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