Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teak Refinishing and Restoration

There are many do it yourself articles on the internet on how to do teak refinishing. It seems every article has a different way on how to restore your teak furniture from the weathered look back to a new appearance. One article says to sandblast your furniture, another says to sand your teak with 250 grit sandpaper, and another says to water blast your teak furniture. The internet is definitely a great resource for many do it yourself projects however most posts about teak refinishing are either misleading or entirely wrong.

The bottom line is that teak furniture restoration is not as easy as it may seem. There are several different ways to do it depending on weathering patterns, how old your teak furniture is. Does it have an existing deteriorating finish and how intricate the design of the furniture is? Teak Master is an exterior wood refinishing company located in Pasadena California that has mastered teak restoration. They have taken the headache out of trying to restore your own teak furniture yourself by providing a service that brings your teak furniture back to its original showroom appearance.

Essentially, the guess work has been taken out of teak refinishing. They have many different techniques on how to bring you furniture back to life and will even consult you on how to do it yourself. Once the furniture is restored you have an option of sealing your furniture with different sealers that have a wide assortment of colors. A key element in keeping your furniture in showroom condition is annual maintenance. A maintenance schedule to reseal your teak once or twice a year depending on use and exposure to the elements can be set up. Information to "do it yourself is also available. The bottom line is that the world now has a professional resource for teak refinishing and teak restoration information.

For more than ten years Teak Master has been synonymous with teak furniture care and is trusted by thousands of clients who demand professional quality and guaranteed performance. Teak Master specializes in the latest preservative coatings and restoration techniques for exterior wood surfaces and addresses the many challenges that come with protecting it from nature's elements. By choosing an expert, you will be receiving the culmination of years of experience and expertise devoted to beautifying and protecting one material and one material alone; wood.

I had the pleasure of meeting Timothy Gilliam owner of TeakMaster.com, he tells me most people that buy their teak furniture or hire a contractor to build them their wood deck never think of hiring a specialist to maintain their wood furniture. It is essential for your outdoor wood furniture to be maintained once or twice a year by a professional. A lot of the mistakes we see are people adding the wrong sealer or adding varnish to their teak furniture; this is something they never want to do. Remember your outdoor wood furniture is an investment that you want to protect. Speaking to an expert will keep you from making mistakes with your outdoor wood furniture.