Friday, March 16, 2012

Teak Cleaning Los Angeles


What does teak cleaning in Los Angeles mean? The actual definition of teak cleaning may differ depending on who you ask. Teak furniture cleaning has two different meanings to our company as we have performed hundreds of teak cleaning projects throughout Los Angeles and all of Southern California.

The first meaning of teak furniture cleaning is simply applying our process of removing dirt and mold that has discolored your teak furniture. Many of our clients in Los Angeles that want teak cleaning performed on their furniture prefer to have a raw unfinished natural look. For this aesthetic, our process consists of gently cleaning the teak furniture to remove black discoloration caused by mildew and soot. A wood brightening agent will be applied to the wood to promote color and prevent mold from developing on the wood’s surface. Your teak furniture can be left raw or a protective finish can be applied. Please note that simply cleaning teak furniture can leave the surface of the wood rough. The best way to smooth the teak wood’s surface is to sand.
The second meaning of teak furniture cleaning involves keeping and promoting a gray or oxidized look. Many of our clients in Los Angeles prefer an oxidized or gray look for their furniture. Teak furniture left outside unprotected in the elements will naturally gray and oxidize in color. However, oxidizing evenly is almost impossible without proper care and maintenance. Teak furniture often develops mold and the grain will lift. Our teak cleaning process removes mold and keeps the naturally oxidized look of your teak furniture. We offer free pickup and delivery or onsite service to all of Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Please visit our website at for more information or call us today at 888 448-8325.

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