Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Teak Furniture Is The Best Outdoor Patio Furniture

Teak has been used to make furniture and boats for centuries. Some furniture made years ago is still just as nice as it was when it was made. This quality contributes to why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

Teak is a hardwood that even though it has been used for centuries, is even more popular today. It is considered a thing of pride to own this wood. It is the hardest wood available. This leads to some of the traits that people love about it. Teak provides resistance to the outside elements. Even those who live in the harshest climates can use it without worry.

The fact that it is insect resistant also adds to its popularity. Termites cannot break through its barrier even after years of use. It has its own oils which help it continue to exist just like it did when new. It has a beautiful satin honey color that turns to a silver grey as it ages. This grey color is not a negative trait. It actually makes it even more durable and resistant. Some love this color and only want pieces that have reached this stage. Others prefer the original color. This can be obtained by using certain restoration techniques even if it has already turned grey.

There are many types of furniture made with this material. Benches, tables, sun loungers, and Adirondack chairs are all popular choices. Even some wooden poles that hold up the shade umbrellas that are so popular on patios is made of teak.

Maintenance of this furniture is very easy. There is actually very little maintenance required. A thorough cleaning with a gentle soap is really all it needs. Oils should not be used because it has its own supply of oils. These oils are one of the reasons it is so durable. It is also not recommended to use a varnish. Pressure washing and steels wool should never be used because they can actually cause some damage. If one wants to preserve the original colors, there are other ways.

There are sealers available made especially for teak if the desire is to preserve the color. Special cleansers are also available although soap and water works just as well. If a piece of furniture has already been aged before being purchased, it can still be restored to its original color. This involves sanding with a very fine sand paper. Care should be taken when doing this to avoid damage. Then cleansers and sealers can be used.

Teak is exceptionally durable. It can last for decades with very little care. It can be placed anywhere outside and be just about forgotten as far as maintenance goes. About the only down side is the more expensive cost as compared to other woods. However, with the high quality it demonstrates, the extra money is probably worth it to buy something that can literally be passed down through generations.

Teak has stood the test of time and passed quite graciously. That is why teak furniture is the best outdoor patio furniture.

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