Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Teak Refinishing Gives Teak Furniture Timeless Appeal

There are many reasons why teak furniture is the most popular and best choice for outdoor furniture. It has a timeless appeal to it and can be placed in any type of setting because it is made of a natural material. It comes in a wide array of styles to choose from including modern and contemporary designs to formal and traditional. It is impervious and will last forever with proper maintenance. The wood has a unique grain and has a beautiful rich honey color.

This brings us to the topic of this article, keeping your teak investment in superior condition. When purchasing teak furniture a natural question seems to be “What is involved in terms of the care and maintenance”? Most manufacturers of teak furniture suggest their clients simply let the wood weather and it will age to a nice even silver patina. The high end retail outlets that sell teak furniture generally steer their clients into letting their furniture oxidize and most also provide some sort of product to maintain the color.

Most people who purchase outdoor teak furniture are attracted to its natural color and prefer to keep their investment in the same showroom condition as purchased. They want to keep the natural rich honey color keep the grain smooth while protecting it from the weather. There are also many clients that want a natural weathered or patina look on their furniture. Whether a client desires to keep the natural honey look of their teak furniture or have a silver patina, they both require maintenance.

There are many different products on the market that are made specifically for teak furniture. It is natural for questions to arise with the topic of finishing. Which product should a teak owner choose? How does one apply the products and what sort of prep if any do I need? Most importantly, “Who has the time to do this?” And the list goes on and on.

It is entirely possible for a person who has purchased teak furniture to finish it themselves. However, there is another option. By having a professional service finish new teak furniture. Using a professional company to finish new teak furniture is the best option because it makes it easy for teak furniture owners to maintain their investment with relative ease.

A professional company that specializes in finishing and performing teak restoration will know all of the finishes that are best for exterior use. They should also know how to properly restore weathered teak furniture. The key element is maintenance. Having a professional teak specialist care for your furniture will ensure it will be maintained for life.

There is a company out of Los Angeles California that specializes in teak furniture care and maintenance. They are called Teak Master and have been finishing new teak furniture for thousands of clients throughout California, Nevada, and New Mexico. They are endorsed and recommended by major teak furniture manufacturers and high end retail patio furniture stores throughout California as certified experts in teak care, maintenance, and repair. They are also experts in performing teak refinishing and service to all exterior wood surfaces. Essentially, they have taken the guess work out of trying to maintain teak furniture or restoring teak furniture.

The bottom line is that it is best to have a professional teak finishing service such as Teak Master maintain teak furniture. They have the experience, know the best products, and have the preparation and materials to perform the work fast and efficiently. They offer a maintenance program so that your furniture enjoys a long trouble free life.


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